Added a new user to the mac and the new user cannot see the custom forms for MYOB FirstEdge




FirstEdge stores custom forms in a subdirectory of where FirstEdge is installed (i.e. /Applications/MYOB FirstEdge v4/Forms). The forms are owned by the user that created them and the permissions on the file are based on that users defaults. Anyone who wants to see/use the custom form, must have at least read access to the form. 




Locate the installation directory of MYOB FirstEdge and modify the permissions to allow the new user access to the custom form. This is usually best achieved by granting group read access to the custom form and setting the group for the form to one that all members requiring access to the form have in common. 




Mary and Joe are both in the group finance


Mary creates a form called CUST-EXIIPLN-FE but the file is created without group read access. Only Mary needs to update the form but Joe needs to use it when he's logged in to print invoices.


Mary needs to login and start the from Utilities under Applications


At the command prompt Mary needs to issue the command:


mac1: Mary$ chmod 740 /Applications/MYOB\ FirstEdge\ v4/Forms/CUST-EXIIPLN-FE


Since Mary and Joe are both in the staff group and the file is already set to the staff group by default, there is no need to change the group owner. If this were necessary, Mary would issue the command:


mac1: Mary$ chgrp staff /Applications/MYOB\ FirstEdge\ v4/Forms/CUST-EXIIPLN-FE