Problem Summary


MOBEE mouse not charging. Flashes green for a second or two and then flashes red and won't charge at all. 







This process will void your warranty if you damage the internals of the MOBEE battery whilst attempting this fix. Use some common sense. If you think it's too difficult, it probably is. Send it back and we'll do it for you. 


There is a good chance that your MOBEE magic mouse battery is experiencing the symptoms of a small design flaw. Inside the MOBEE battery for the magic mouse are two AAA rechargable batteries. The connection to these batteries is via metal strips at each end of the AAA batteries. These strips are held in position by the plastic casing. The design employs a bent flange or hinged piece of the metal protruding to form a contact with the battery. If this piece of the metal is not protruding enough from the edge of the metal, when the case is assembled, the contact with the battery can be broken. 


To fix it...


  1. Remove the two screws that hold the plastic casing in place and then gently pry the top cover off.
  2. Next, remove the two AAA rechargable batteries. 
  3. Using small tweasers or a small flat head screwdriver, pry the hinged piece of metal (in the middle of the negative end connector) out from the edge about 1 -2mm. This will ensure that when the batteries are replaced, contact will be maintained between the edge metal connector and the battery.
  4. Replace the top cover and place the battery pack on the induction charger - if it's working, the charging base will flash green (slowly) to indicate the unit is charging. If not, you may need to try and pry the metal out a little further. Failing that, the unit may be faulty with some other unknow fault and will need to be returned.