Support FAQ

How do I contact ContinuIT Support?

When you log a call through our helpdesk system, an email is automatically sent to support to notify our staff that you need help. One of our staff will contact you by phone or email to discuss the problem in more detail and to assist with resolving your problem.

Can't I just send an email?

Sure! You can send an email to and your call will automatically logged in our system and someone will either call you or email you. You can even log calls via Facebook or Twitter (see the announcements specific to these).

What if my problem is urgent?

If you have an urgent problem, call our main office and follow the prompts to speak to sales and/or technical support. We will try and assist you as quickly as possible. You should note, if you're not on a support contract, you will be charged a minimum fee of AUD $100.00 but this will be explained in full prior to any work commencing.  

I'm not a customer but I need support for my business. Who do I talk to?

You can call us or email and we'll get in touch with you as soon as possible. Also have a look at our new customer page on our website

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